Sales Marketing

Why to pay incredibly high franchise fees to large hotel chains …

Ambient is a unique hotel franchise company which offers a low cost hotel franchising opportunity.

Instead of putting a costly flag on your roof, we leverage the unique selling points of your hotel property. We believe in the strength of an independent hotel and offer you the infrastructure to outperform your competition and become a market leader.

Our team Analyze your hotel’s success factors and help execute a targeted sales plan, Provide an annual marketing plan outline, and conduct necessary reviews and follow-up, Provide qualified sales leads, Make personal sales calls on your property’s behalf, Perform audits to make sure your sales team is selling correctly, Monitor weekly and monthly sales reports for success opportunities, Assist in market segment saturation, Help your staff strategize and adjust to overcome soft revenue periods, Ensure that your property is listed in the appropriate regional, state, and local publications, Aid in the design and placement of advertising, including outdoor, airport, and printed publications, Represent all properties at the National Business Travelers Association tradeshow

With our smart alternative concept to the hotel franchise agreement you can rest assured that we have only one focus, driving your REVPAR. We will uncover the hidden revenue potential of your hotel


Our sales and marketing teams are well trained and eager to go to work for your property. Give us a call today at +91-9810320064 or contact us online