Eco – Responsibility

The Project:

“Spread Green
is a sustainable environmental program started by Ambient Resorts Pvt Ltd to revitalize our ecosystem.

Ambient believes in improving lives, strengthening business and connecting communities by delivering honest and personal service.
While we recognize the benefits that our service brings to our customers, we are also mindful of the impacts our actions may have on the environment.

Our goal is to help ensure the long-term health of our environment, joining with employees, consumers and businesses who are focussing on ways to promote and practice the intelligent use of resources.
Reducing environmental impact requires a thoughtful approach, balancing the needs of our employees, customers, and the environment. we believe that a balanced approach means supporting the financial health of our business while ensuring environmental sustainability efforts support the quality of service we offer to our customers and the value we create for our communities.

Ambient has adopted the following objectives to inform and drive our environmental sustainability efforts:

  •  Plant a tree on accomplishment of every 100 room night of any of our partner hotel through us.
  • At the end of each year provide e-certificate to all our customers, who participate in selling of room nights of our partner hotels
  • Plant a tree on every birth/marriage anniversary of its employee
  • Engage our employees and suppliers in our sustainability efforts.
  •  Establish sustainability metrics to measure the results of our efforts.

“Spread Green” is Ambient’s way of contributing to a sustainable environment and promoting corporate social responsibility in the Industry.

Ambient is committed to environmental stewardship. We will strive to incorporate environmental sustainability principles and practices throughout our operations as we work to serve our customers and our communities.