Why Ambient

When we work with a property, our team becomes the part of the property’s team. We know that time is of the essence in helping the property reach it’s greatest potential, respond to new market conditions and competitors.

In turn making the property desirable for the clients, by keeping their needs and requirements in mind. Properties choose us because they know we can provide them with a stronger share of the Indian and off-shore markets at a fraction of the cost of their own dedicated office. Other than making the property desirable to all kinds of client, our services include sales and marketing activities, public relations, attendance at trade and consumer shows, tactical campaign management and payment collection. We take responsibility for travel agent training, as well as brochure fulfillment, product placement and tour operator negotiations.

Our philosophy is there is nothing like scared and nothing is scary. No Idea is too crazy to consider
At AMBIENT Resorts Pvt Ltd measure of a successful hospitality sales and marketing effort is its ability to generate above market revenues. Our sales and marketing effort does just that, generates demand across a variety of business segments with multi-dimensional sales, marketing and promotional programs.

AMBIENT’s advertisement programs are intended to reach and influence upscale leisure travelers, family vacationers, golfers, spa guests, and meeting planners. The associated hotels will receive exposure from continuous campaigns and through the efforts of our proficient team as the leading property for excellent service in India.

AMBIENT’s sales professionals participate in regional and national cooperative sales events and industry trade shows. This gains exposure for the member property in key feeder markets and promotes the property at key consumer shows in India.
Marketing and Promotion strategies is more than just implementing a concept developed in the past – it requires constant enhancement of the marketing and promotion strategy, trend-recognition and the capacity to turn market information into concrete marketing measures, in order to look further into the future than the competition, predict market trends accurately and move in the market with greater orientation. Marketing and Promotion strategy gives long-term support to short-term decisions.